Where To Buy a Used Vehicle

If you’re looking to add a new car to your life, you’ve probably asked yourself “Should I get a new or used car?” While there’s technically no right or wrong answer to this question, we’d like to cover some numerous reasons to buy a used car versus a brand new one. Check out some of these things you may not have known about purchasing a used car over a new one!



We know that money isn’t everything. But, it sure does help. When you purchase a used car, truck or SUV, you’ll save yourself thousands of dollars. Not only will a purchase like this save you money outright, but some hidden factors can greatly affect the value of your brand new vehicle. The worst factor being depreciation. New vehicles depreciate quickly. Did you know that a vehicle is estimated to lose up to 19% of it’s value in the course of just one year of ownership? In three years, it’s estimated to only be worth 54% of it’s original value! When you factor in things likes sales tax, insurance, and even registration fees, you’re spending a fortune for a car that will be worth almost half its value in only three short years. Additionally, used vehicles often times save you money on things like this! With figures like these in mind, it paints a clear imagine of why so many people are purchasing used car over new ones.



So, if you’re looking for the best place to get a used car, truck or SUV, come on down to Benny Boyd of Copperas Cove to take a look at our extensive inventory and take a test drive today. We look forward to meeting you and doing our best to find the perfect vehicle to fit your life.

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