Roll Your Tax Refund Into a New Ride!

While few folks look forward to tax return paperwork, everyone loves the feeling of getting a tax refund. It’s like a surprise bonus. Your first impulse maybe to splurge on a boat, big vacation or other non-essential indulgences. However, if you decide to use your refund check to purchase a new or pre-owned car, truck, SUV or other vehicle from Benny Boyd, you’ll find yourself rewarded---in more ways than one!

Check Out What Your Tax Refund Buys You at Benny’s

The average amount of a tax refund is around $3,000---which serves as a very nice down payment for practically any Benny Boyd vehicle you’d love to drive away. If your current car isn’t as dependable as it used to be or it has an excessive number of miles (which means if you haven’t had problems with it yet, it’s likely you soon will), now is the perfect time to upgrade to a more comfortable, reliable ride with Benny Boyd’s huge selection of new and well-maintained pre-owned choices.

Even if you’re not getting back thousands of dollars, our team of number crunchers are happy to help you figure out how far your tax refund can go towards a new vehicle.

Besides buying a new or new-to-you vehicle, you can use your tax refund at Benny Boyd’s to:

  • Pay off an old auto loan & get a new car with a better rate.
  • Let our service professionals take care of repairs or maintenance you’ve been postponing because you weren’t ready for the out-of-pocket costs.

Buying A Car With Your Refund Check Is A Breeze at Benny’s!

Using your tax refund to fund a new ride from Benny Boyd is a smart way to invest your money instead of just spending it. And unlike your I.R.S. tax return, it’s the fastest, most uncomplicated experience you’ll probably enjoy this year!

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