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Are you in the market for a different vehicle, but have a budget you have to stick to? Look into buying a pre-owned car instead! Benny Boyd of Copperas Cove has one of the best selections of pre-owned cars in Texas! Whether you’re looking for a Ford Fusion, or a Dodge Charger, Benny Boyd Copperas Cove has you covered. Ask any financial advisor, and they’ll all recommend the same thing. Buy a pre-owned vehicle instead! Check out some of these financial facts about purchasing a pre-owned vehicle! 



1. Depreciation

Depreciation is a reduction in the value of an asset with the passage of time. New cars depreciate, and fast! As a matter of fact, the average new car can lose as much as 19% of it’s value in just the first year! That brings the value of a $30,000 dollar vehicle down to just $24,300 in just one year! Over the course of three years, Consumer Reports says your new car will be worth just 54 percent of what you paid for it, on average. 



2. Reduced Insurance Costs

We’re sure it came as no surprise that you’ll save thousands of dollars on your initial purchase of a pre-owned vehicle over a brand new one. But, did you know that you’ll also save money on insurance? A key factor in determining the cost of insurance is the vehicles worth. New cars have what insurance companies consider to be more “worth.’ Therefore, it costs more to have them covered. A pre-owned car will save you money at the insurance office because it isn’t considered to have the same worth as a brand new one. 



3. Reducing registration fees

Much like the reduced price of insurance, the price to register a vehicle is impacted by the price of the car. Because many states used the money they receive from registration fees as a source of revenue, the prices have been steadily increasing throughout the years. However, purchasing a pre-owned car can save you some money on this!



Overall, pre-owned cars are a cost effective way to purchase a new vehicle to fit your life - and budget. Stop by Benny Boyd of Copperas Cove, TX to take a look at our vast inventory of pre-owned cars. We look forward to doing business with you!

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